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Genera Consultancy

Independent design and formulation for cosmetics, toiletries and natural fragrances - the world of Natural beginnings, creation and conception.

Aromatics, Fragrances, Skin Care this is our world. We delight in Nature itís touch and textures, itís colours and fragrances. We work with Natures benefits and understand itís many faces good and bad.

Genera understands and works with the macro environment and the cyclical nature that provides a renewing world. But they also understand the micro environment of our skin and hair and the contribution nature can make to well being. Natural skin care and fragrance can enhance our life style, maintain our looks and bring relaxation to mind, body and spirit.

To Genera good science comes from nature. Nature provides a wealth of possibilities beyond the simple. It opens up a world of molecules that harmonise with our bodies if correctly handled. Nature satisfies our senses and Genera always works within the realm of Sensisim.

Genera is your natural partner if you want something different and if you are prepared to pay the price that real nature and hard won agriculture demands. We stand for Fair Trade and Prime Quality in growing, harvesting, extraction and distillation. Nature is variable and we know it well so Genera helps lead Nature to serve your project making it unique, indeed Ė wonderful!

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About Jan Kuśmirek

The Genera Consultancy has been built around the knowledge and expertise of Jan Kuśmirek a Medical Herbalist, Aromacosmetologist and Cosmetician.

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Designing and Creating Aromatic
Wonders and Cosmetics of Distinction
for a Natural World